How to choose a Venue For Your Fine Art Wedding

It’s not surprising that the venue you choose can make the biggest impact on the look and feel of your wedding day.  If light and airy wedding photography is high up on your wish list, today’s post features some top tips on what to look for during that all-important venue search  – and it doesn’t necessarily mean blowing the budget on somewhere grand and expensive!  As a fine art style wedding photographer, I’ve found that there are some general qualities in a venue that are guaranteed to create that beautiful, light and airy atmosphere that my brides adore!

1. Let There Be Light

Nothing says fine art romance better that a wedding venue that is flooded with gorgeous light!  When visiting a venue, be sure to explore the lighting options – for example, if you are using a windowless barn, can the doors be left open to let the light flood in?  From a photography point of view, your photographer will undoubtedly be using professional quality lenses and cameras which work well in low light, but it’s always best to avoid the need for  artificial light or camera flash, especially during the day, as these will certainly affect the dreamy quality of your wedding photographs.

2. Your Venue Is Your Canvas

Your wedding venue is the canvas for your wedding day so keep in kind the ways in which it will either add to the style and palette of your day, or how it can create a neutral canvas to make your colours and style stand out.  When exploring wedding venues, remember to look at carpets, curtains and wall colours – for example, a deep red carpet can totally overpower a soft, peaches and cream colour palette but would enhance an autumn palette of burnt orange and marsala.


3. The Great Outdoors

Unless you get really unlucky with the British weather, there is a very high chance that may of your bride and groom portraits will take place in the grounds of your venue.  Take the time to look closely at the outdoor space – is it well maintained and free from clutter and does the space provide some pretty backdrops for your outdoor images?  Light stone or wooden buildings, as well as stone gravel will reflect light beautifully during your portraits, ensuring warm, airy images, even on the most overcast of days, while greenery, trees and plants provide a lovely setting all year round.

fine art cotswolds wedding photographer

4.  Take a seat

It’s so easy to forget about tables and chairs during a venue tour and these will often be stored away when you visit, but, if your venue fee includes chair and table hire, always ask to see these early on.  Look for chairs that can be used uncovered so that you can avoid having to use traditional chair covers which often dominate the room.  For the tables, take note about the condition and size of what’s available – can you leave them fully uncovered, perhaps using beautiful table runners, or will you need to cover them completely?

templars barn-1-11

5. Find a sweet suite

When choosing your getting ready space for the wedding morning, look for a large, light filled space with a neutral, uncluttered feel.  Even if you are getting ready at home, choose the room that provides the best space and take the time to declutter before the wedding day – you will be pleased you did when you see the photographs!  A large, uncovered window is always a bonus and a pretty patterned wall paper or textured wall can also add interest to your photographs.

Good luck with your venue search, and always remember to go back for a second visit wherever possible  – it’s easy to fall in love on a first visit and forget to ask important questions or explore thoroughly.  But, having said that, when it’s ‘the one’, you’ll definitely know 🙂




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