About You

You are marrying your soul mate – the one person on the planet who makes you laugh harder that anyone else can, who loves you for every part of you and who’s arms feel like home.

You cannot wait to celebrate your love in front of those who mean the world to you.  Your wedding day will be full of joy and laughter and togetherness.  It will be an expression of your personality, your creative style and of your love for each other and those closet to you.


You want a photographer who feels like a friend.  One that is as excited about your wedding as you are and who will make you and your loved ones feel entirely comfortable.

You value natural and beautiful wedding photography and you view it as an essential and important part of your wedding.  You want a photographer who you can trust implicity, not only to document the amazing moments of your wedding day but to capture you, your wedding and your love in the most beautiful and flattering way possible.

You don’t want fads or trendy filters.  You want natural, timeless, light-filled imagery, photographs of heirloom quality, which will be treasured and poured over for years to come.


If this is you, I would love to hear from you!  Click here to tell me all about your amazing wedding plans and see if I am available for your date. xx


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