What Is Fine Art Wedding Photography?

I am so excited to introduce the brand new blog and to start with a topic that is not only close to my heart, but a huge part of it – Fine Art wedding photography.  So what is the Fine Art approach and, more importantly, why would you want to consider it for your own wedding?

At it’s foundation, Fine Art wedding photography is, as the name implies, an approach which involves treating photography as a true art form.  Rather than simply observing and clicking the shutter to capture the scene, Fine Art photography involves careful consideration of composition, texture, colour palette and, most importantly, the quality and direction of light.  When expertly combined, these things create images which not only capture and evoke emotion, but which also paint you and your wedding in the most beautiful way possible.


In practice, this simply means that I strive to create images which not only serve to document but which stand alone as pieces of art within their own right.


As a Fine Art wedding photographer, I have studied both art and cinematography and I have spent 6 years developing my own skills and approach.  During this time, I have developed a unique way of fusing this artistic approach with pure reportage photography, resulting in the best of both worlds for my clients, who no longer have to choose between intelligent documentary photography and Fine Art, editorial style imagery.

Reportage images, also known as documentary or photojournalism, are carefully considered, anticipating the moment, the reaction or event just before it happens – waiting with baited breath for the exact right moment to press the shutter.


So what does all this mean for you and your wedding photography experience?  First and foremost it means you will receive what you hoped for – breath-taking, romantic images of your wedding.  On a practical level it means you wont spend all day posing or smiling for the camera, but that the short 30 minute session that you do spend on your bride and groom images will be fun, comfortable and, most importantly, result in incredible imagery.  It means you can be sure of an invaluable collection of photographs, packed with light and colour, with raw emotion and with a story that is both honest and aesthetically beautiful.


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